Fans of Wordle saw an unexpected team up this September when the puzzle provided a reference to the upcoming horror game Scorn. The daily word game generates a five-letter solution, and this one just so happened to connect to the highly anticipated first-person, biomechanical body horror game.

Although Scorn and many other horror games are set in the first person, not everyone enjoys these mechanics. For fans of third-person perspective, there are plenty of fantastic horrors that still pack a punch (and a scream), including the famous Resident Evil which really brought this use in horror into the mainstream.

Tormented Souls (2021)In game screenshot from Tormented Souls.

Plenty of infamous horror games have made a lasting impression on players and other game developers. Two of the most popular franchises of the genre, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill, have inspired many game developers who have taken note of their success, such as the developers of Tormented Souls.

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Tormented Souls has players take on the role of Caroline Walker, investigating the disappearances of twin girls. Caroline wakes up naked, hooked up to old medical equipment in a bathtub in an abandoned mansion turned into a hospital. The game has elements similar to the infamous franchises, such as the settings, creature designs, and some game mechanics complementing its storyline of alternate realities and escaping the darkness that tries to hide the truth.

Silent Hill 4: The Room (2004)In game screenshot from Silent Hill 4: The Room.

There are a lot of great games that make up the Silent Hill franchise. Among them is the fourth installment that was released in 2004 called Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Trapped in his cursed apartment, players play as Henry Townshend, who must explore mysterious portals that lead to unknown, terrifying places. With the franchise's classic and perfected use of tension, disturbing environments, and horrific monstrosities, the third-person perspective game is a unique and fun experience. Undoubtedly, players will be sucked into this well-made, and well-received game Silent Hill fans adore.

The Evil Within (2014)In game screenshot from Evil Within.

Another game many horror fans are eagerly away awaiting is The Callisto Protocol. It's clear this new horror will take inspiration from many classic titles and one of which that fans of the third-person perspective should play before the release of The Callisto Protocol is The Evil Within.

Upon investigating a gruesome mass murder scene, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners come into contact with a powerful force. Sebastian later finds himself in a terrifying realm where hideous creatures hunt him down. The game's environment is well crafted and has a lot of intense and dark imagery in almost every sequence. The immersive story, tension, and need to survive are bound to keep players on edge and completely engaged in their surroundings.

Silent Hill 3 (2003)Promo image for Silent Hill 3.

As with any franchise, not every Silent Hill game released has been critically well received. However, one of the most recognized and highly praised games that have come out of the franchise is Silent Hill 3.

Without a doubt, Silent Hill 3 is one of the scariest games in the Silent Hill franchise. Players take on the role of Heather, who has to explore the horrifying regions of the town and figure out the mysterious connection between Silent Hill and her fears. The visuals, settings, and of course, the perfected use of tension are one of the many reasons the third game has so many fans, and it is an excellent third-person perspective game that deserves attention.

Dead Space (2008)Promo image for Dead Space.

There are a lot of great Sci-Fi horror games to choose from, and a few are available from the third-person perspective. The popular, third-person deep space Sci-Fi horror game Dead Space is one of them.​​​​​​

Related: 15 Terrifying Horror Games That You Can Play For FreeThe game introduces players to the horrific events that have occurred on the USG Ishimura and the ravenous creatures that want nothing more than to tear apart the players that have taken on the role of Issac Clarke. The game has a very dark and gritty atmosphere, and the uncertainty of where the Neomorphs could be lurking adds to the overwhelming tension that can be felt while traveling through the dark corridors.

Dead Space 2 (2011)In game screenshot from Dead Space 2.

As it gets closer to the release date of the remake of the original Dead Space game, Dead Space 2 continues to be a favorite among fans of the franchise. It's also praised for being just as scary as the first game.

Dead Space 2 brings back the horror that began in the first game and the main character Issac Clarke. The horrific imagery of the mutated corpses of humans turned into Neomorphs lurk within the darkness, waiting to strike players down. The feeling of being watched is at an all-time high as they try to escape the deadly creatures and the nightmares that plague Clarke.

The Suffering (2004)Promo image for The Suffering.

It is a very well-known fact that prison is not a place anyone wants to stay. But in the case of a horror game, it can be an excellent setting for terrifying events to occur in.

Related: 10 Forgotten Horror Games On The Nintendo GameCubeThe 2004 game, The Suffering, has players take on the role of death row inmate Torque. Before Torque is set to be executed, the prison becomes overrun by blood-thirsty monsters that kill prisoners and guards and embody different methods of death. Players must fight to survive in this gory and challenging game where creepy events and monstrosities await.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)In game screenshot from Resident Evil 2.

When zombie games are mentioned, one of the first series that comes to mind is Resident Evil. The Resident Evil franchise has plenty of great games available to fans, some of which have even been remade.

In 2019, Resident Evil 2 received a remake and provided players with a deeper narrative experience and better graphics and visuals of the grotesque mutations, zombies, and intense situations that players will find themselves in. The remake also brought back Claire Redfield, known for being a fan favorite and one of the best female protagonists, alongside the popular Leon Kennedy.

The Last Of Us (2013)

One of the familiar types of horror games includes the use of the undead or zombie-like creatures. Those who picked up the game The Last of Us not only got a unique take on the zombie trope but also received an excellent, horrifying story.

The story of The Last of Us takes place in a post-pandemic world. Players are introduced to Joel and Ellie, who are traveling across the U.S. in search of some hope for the future of humanity. Some of the most disturbing content comes from the infected. There are a few different "species" with varying designs that many players find extremely unsettling, and it's only made worse during tense, action-filled scenes that require players' full attention.

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