After cries of "six seasons and a movie" stemmed from season 2 of Community onward, the foretold movie is finally scheduled for release on Peacock in 2023.

So far, Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase, and Donald Glover have yet to be tied to the movie. While a Pierce cameo would be very unlikely given the events of the original series, many fans are clamoring for the return of Shirley and Troy. Aside from the cast list, fans on Twitter had plenty to say in regard to the new Community movie.

The Obligatory Girl Explaining Meme

While the over-explaining man at the sporting event was the genesis of meme style that has taken over Twitter, it's the over-explaining girl at the concert that has become the most common use of the format.

The actual text of the over explanation is a fun reminder to fans in which episode Abed's original "six seasons and a movie" prophecy began. The motto has been the rallying cry of fans for years, and countless memes have been born from it. In the case of many, a reunion between the show's greatest dynamic duo is the most exciting prospect the movie could offer.

Party On The Timeline

The number of official sources to announce the Community movie where plentiful. Regardless of whether fans found out from the official Twitter page, Joel McHale, Peacock, or another source like Ken Jeong, it's been huge news across the community of Community.

Fans still have many burning questions about the Community movie, but for now, they can just celebrate over the announcement. The resurgence of the show via Netflix is the leading reason for a movie's confirmation. However, fans should remember that the final party will be on Peacock, where the movie will be streaming.

Summoning Old Stars

While fans are excited about the confirmed return of Joel McHale, Ken Jeong, Allison Brie, and the remaining main cast of the later seasons, there are still missing characters from the original main group.

While Chevy Chase has yet to be confirmed, the consensus among fans was generally that Yvetter Nicole Brown and, primarily, Donald Glover were the returning cast members they were most concerned about. Troy was one of the funniest Community characters, and many fans agree that the show was never the same after his absence.

Community Never Left

While the Community fandom certainly had their fun with ideas and memes of the movie before its announcement, some felt that it was experiencing a small downturn after its huge resurgence post-Netflix.

It's impressive that a show like Community which hasn't had any new content in seven years has such a large following, but it's a testament to the brilliance of the show. A wide variety of people from several countries have all rallied around a show about an American community college, speaking to the universality of the characters and relationships.

What Happened To Rachel?

While many fans may have forgotten in the time since season 4, fan-favorite character Abed had a fairly lengthy romance arc with a bookish student named Rachel, played by Brie Larson.

While Larson's busy schedule certainly created conflicts with the filming of Community, it was a shame that Rachel was virtually written off the show while she and Abed never had a proper breakup. In fact, a line from season 5 implies that Abed and Rachel have still been dating despite her lack of appearances in the friend group. Hopefully, Larson can return for a cameo with Abed.

Word Vomit

Some fans have been lost for words over the announcement of the Community movie, while others have had perhaps too many words. However, such a violent reaction is fitting for fans of such a wacky show.

Community fans can only hope that the movie is everything they've hoped for since finishing season 6. However, there are many fans who seem to be thrilled with more content alone rather than going straight to theorizing about the content itself. Regardless of which side of the Community Twitter fans found themselves on, there were certainly intense emotions.

The No-Tag

Joel McHale has had many great roles in addition to being Community's leading man. With the reveal of the Community movie, McHale potentially played the accidental role of spoiler, not tagging Chevy Chase along with the rest of the cast.

Whether it was due to bad blood between Pierce's actor and some Community cast members or if it was something as simple as Pierce not being in the film, fans have already done plenty of theorizing based on the Tweet. Some certainly inferred the tags as a slight to Chase, while others took it as a sign that Yvette Nichole Brown and Donald Glover would return due to being tagged.

The Mis-Tag

While Joel McHale neglected to tag a cast member, there was another tag that was almost assuredly a mistake. Instead of tagging Britta's actress Gillian Jacobs, McHale instead tagged X-Files actress Gillian Anderson.

Thankfully, Gillian Anderson seemed amused by the mis-tag, even announcing that she was willing to participate in the movie. The mistake has prompted fans to demand a Gillian Anderson cameo in the movie. Some have even joked that she should play the role of Britta in a scene and have Abed be the only one who notices the difference.

Don't Britta It

While Community is a fairly universal show, it's unexpected to see a Chinese League of Legends organization tweet out about it. JD Gaming, one of the favorites to win the League of Legends world championship, had a fairly pessimistic take on the movie.

The phrase rose to prominence later in Community, where to "Britta" something became synonymous with messing it up. There were plenty of mentions of "Britta'ing" on Twitter, and it's become a fan-favorite term on Community Twitter. There were several iconic phrases throughout the series, but "don't Britta it" is the perfect phrase to reflect how many feel about the movie announcement.

Stop Yelling

The weeks leading up to the eventual announcements were filled with hints and hopes. One can only imagine the messages that the social media manager of the official account experienced.

While the Community fan base is certainly passionate, it's good that the social media manager can finally stop receiving questions they weren't allowed to answer about if there was going to be a movie. Now they can move on to receiving questions they aren't allowed to answer about Donald Glover's involvement in the film.

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