The first new season of Bob's Burgers since The Bob's Burgers Movie is currently airing on Fox and can be streamed weekly on Hulu. The show's thirteenth season opened in the most appropriate way, with a Belcher's play.

Linda Belcher of course stands out in the episode with her flair for dramatics and just an all-around supportive and encouraging attitude. Her energetic and sometimes obsessive tendencies have gone beyond theater and often seep into her everyday life, giving fans a lot of material to choose from when thinking of creative ways to describe one of the show's most iconic characters.

Raccoon Gossip

After the brief introduction of the alley raccoons of Bob's Burgers, there was no way fans wouldn't crave to know more. The very first mention of the lives lived behind the restaurant was by Linda in the season 3 episode "Two For Tina" and there was quite a bit of gossip to tell.

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What may have looked like just another raccoon scrounging around in a dumpster became so much more thanks to Linda. Her larger-than-life imagination created the tale of Little King Trashmouth. Only Linda could create a back alley monarchy with a full backstory and deliver it so casually that it might as well be fact.

Awkward Intimacy

After three kids and years of marriage, some may think that the best moments between Linda and Bob were behind them, but even though they don't do fancy couple things like go out to fancy Valentine's Day dinners, they always find ways to show their love for one another.

Working together in the restaurant has Bob and Linda in close proximity for most of the day and when Linda is feeling extra lovey-dovey, she won't hesitate to cuddle up to Bob in whatever way she can. Though her public displays of affection can sometimes be ill-timed, she's never afraid to let whatever she's feeling be known.

Supportive Panic

Lots of who Bob and Linda are can be seen in their children, but some of Linda's traits stand out more in her children than Bob's do. Gene has Linda's love for the dramatics while Louise and Tina share Linda's obsessive nature that often manifests into rash decisions and painfully awkward moments for everyone involved.

Supporting her kids is something Linda is always ready to do so when Tina is blackmailed over her erotic friend fiction, Linda tells her not to be ashamed leading Tina to read it to her entire school. It's a classic situation that perfectly sums up Tina as a character and is another instance of Linda letting her excitement to motivate others blind her from the potential outcomes of the resulting bad and extreme ideas her children get as a result.

Little King Trashmouth

The royal fugitive known as Little King Trashmouth was finally seen for the first time in season 4. The scruffy trash panda had only minutes of screen time over the course of Bob's Burgers seasons but Linda's strong attachment to him and all things raccoon politics made him a lasting presence in the series.

Linda treasured the alley raccoon she picked as her favorite, which plays well into her eccentric side, and while his background isn't 100% confirmed, the life that Linda created for him shows her unique ability to always see a positive even when there isn't one.

Mother's Day

All moms deserve appreciation year-round, but they receive a little extra at least once a year on Mother's Day. Moms like Linda would be celebrated for their constant and sometimes over-the-top support of their children and for keeping things high-energy at all times.

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Linda is the enthusiastic heart of the Belcher family, and she knows it. She wouldn't just want to see that appreciation once a year, she wants it every day and then a little something extra on Mother's Day. There may not be many documented slaps on her part, but she's confident in her contribution to the family and wouldn't be opposed to reminding people of that.

Bob's Backup

Linda isn't just supportive of her children but of Bob as well. Bob usually has a sensible and balanced attitude with a more realistic outlook on the things happening around him, but occasionally there's something that really sets him off. On those rare occasions, Linda plays the calming role to keep Bob together.

Apart from finding the trendy food unnecessary, sweet potato fries potentially are the reason Bob was left off the "Best Burgers on the Shore List" so there's more than a little friction there. Linda easily shifts into the supportive voice of reason in these types of situations, validating him while calming him down. It's yet another way the two work to balance each other out.

Linda on TikTok

No one supports Linda like Linda. One of her most admirable qualities is her ability to be her own hype woman. She's an overly confident singer, an endless source of unorthodox ideas, and can take on any role needed from her no matter how absurd or flamboyant, easily making her one of the best and most-liked Bob's Burgers characters.

Everyone can take a few pointers from Linda when it comes to being a personal cheerleader because who cares if millions of people aren't laughing at your content when it's making you laugh uncontrollably? Not all videos need to be taken out of the drafts anyway.

Raccoon Babies

Little King Trashmouth wasn't the only raccoon that Linda named and stayed on the lookout for. There's El Diablo, Little King Trashmouth's sworn enemy, Big Baby Pudding Snatcher, who got her name by stealing Linda's Pudding cups, and Big Baby Pudding Snatcher's three babies.

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Linda's love and attention are already spread pretty far, but as always, there's enough of her to go around. Whether it's her family, friends, or alley raccoons, Linda always has a little something to give to anyone in need even when they may not even know they needed it in the first place.

More Wine

As a lover of all wine, both cheap and fancy, there's always an occasion for some light wine indulgence with Linda. From relaxing with friends to hosting her sister's date with her daughter's equally awkward counselor, there's no better occasion for a bottle of red or even a fancy white.

Linda is the wine mom that rarely turns down a glass, and her love for the indulgent drink is seen across every Bob's Burgers season with constant references and even a piece of wine art hanging in the Belcher home. Sometimes her pacing is not the best, but it has both caused and saved her from more than a few awkward scenarios.

A Girl Worth Fighting For

Linda is an incredible mom, friend, sister, and overall support system for those around her. When she's passionate about something, she goes all in, especially when it comes to protecting the ones that matter most to her.

Bob found his match in Linda. She balances out his negative thinking, supports him through all his dreams, and even turns down her crazy when his needs mellowing out. With someone as special as Linda by his side, Bob should always be willing to fight for her, her happiness, and whatever he can to help keep her sanity in check.

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