The Dragon Age franchise is busy developing its highly-anticipated fourth entry, subtitled Dreadwolf. Although there's no release date for the project yet, the BioWare team keeps providing updates about the game's development, keeping fans hopeful that Dreadwolf might arrive sometime next year.

In the meantime, newcomers to the franchise might want to play the series' last entry, the critically-acclaimed Dragon Age: Inquisition. Vast, wildly imaginative, and action-packed, Inquisition's world is engrossing and exciting, although its sheer size can be daunting. There are some important things to know to help make the journey into Thedas.

Take Your Time With Your Inquisitor

Making the Inquisitor is the first big challenge. The game allows players to personalize every aspect of their Inquisitor, meaning multiple possibilities exist. It can be easy to spend hours toying with the facial features, especially because not every player might have a clear idea of how they want their Inquisitor to look.

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However, there's nothing wrong with going down the rabbit hole of design. No written rule says players can't spend hours perfecting their Inquisitor. This is the character that players will spend the entire game with, and they should be happy with the finished result.

Pay Attention To Your Inquisitor's Backstory

Like many of the best modern RPG games, Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a large and comprehensive backstory for its world. The Inquisitor's background is particularly important; it depends on race and class, with humans having a nobility background and elves coming from a clan in the Dales.

These differences have a significant impact on the story. They will alter how other characters, including companions, treat the Inquisitor. They will also affect certain missions; for example, elves and Qunari start with a significantly low court approval during "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts," whereas humans have the opposite scenario.

Recruit Every Companion Possible

Companions are crucial in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They not only make for more entertaining gameplay, especially during the long stretches of time on the field, but also provide considerable backup during battles.

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Players can choose to recruit all companions or only those that they want. However, it's highly recommendable to recruit them all, even if their personalities are not popular with players. Vivienne is notoriously unpopular among the fandom, but she's a powerhouse in battle. Sera is also divisive, but there's no better archer, and her Tempest specialization is great. Recruiting all companions allows players to experience the game completely; it might be more work, but it's worth it.

Don't Commit To A Romance Right Away

The Dragon Age franchise is famous for its romances. They rank among the most layered and engrossing in the gaming world, providing each story with unique and emotional development. Each story feels special and compelling, increasing the role-playing aspect of the game.

Inquisition features many romanceable characters, meaning fans have several options from which to choose. First-time players should not jump into a romance, especially because flirting options will remain open throughout the game. Taking the time to meet each romanceable character will allow players to make a final choice without breaking anyone's heart.

Explore Everything

Thedas, Dragon Age: Inquisition's open world, is vast and seemingly endless. It features multiple caves, valleys, villages, and roads, inviting players to explore each corner. At first, the world might seem daunting and even scary, and it might seem easy to skip through the details and head straight into the main storyline.

However, that approach would be a mistake. Inquisition thrives on the details, and players looking for the full Dragon Age experience should explore everything. It will take time - hours and hours, in fact - but it will be worth the effort. The game has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to quests, items, and lore; it would be a shame that so much content went to waste and its worth spending a good chunk of time exploring the Hinterlands at the start to get to grips with the mechanics and story elements.

Deal With Open Rifts As Soon As Possible

Open rifts are a curse in the game. Players can find them in every major location throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition, spitting out demons and abominations as soon as they are approached. Rifts in the early game are fairly easy, but they will get increasingly difficult as players reach the final locations.

It might seem tempting to ignore the rifts, especially considering there are so many in the game. However, dealing with them will provide considerable experience and give players enough influence and power points to deal with the game's numerous quests. Rifts are bothersome but also helpful, making them a necessary evil.

Put Your Thinking Cap On

Although not exactly a strategy game by any measure, Dragon Age: Inquisition requires some planning. The space is so vast, and the quests are so endless that players need to administrate their efforts and prioritize. A healthy balance between main and side quests will help the story flow nicely without making players feel like nothing is happening.

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Players should also approach combat strategically. Dragon Age: Inquisition has several tough battles, and it's important to remember the party allows four characters at once. Players might want to use only one, but they should still sign specific duties for the others. This strategy will come in handy, especially during dragon fights.

Don't Bite More That You Can Chew

As with any open-world game, Dragon Age: Inquisition allows players to decide their journey as they go. This freedom means players can easily venture into the most challenging zones fairly early in the story; for example, they might encounter the game's first dragon, the Fereldan Frostback, before they even reach level 10!

Players shouldn't try to bite more than they can chew. The prospect of fighting a warrior or taking on an entire enemy camp might seem too good to pass, but a lower level will result in a crushing defeat that might kill the player's spirit. They should always fight smart, which means knowing when an enemy is too challenging.

Listen To The Banter!

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a wide cast of memorable characters that will be crucial in the Inquisitor's storyline. The game succeeds in making each feel unique, giving them distinct and memorable personalities. As such, they'll have unique dialog options in their interaction with the Inquisitor and other characters.

Players should pay attention to the banter between companions, particularly when out on the field. These interactions will go from casual to hilarious. However, they occasionally reveal things about each companion that players wouldn't know otherwise, hinting at things to come.

Choose The Specialization That Best Suits You

After reaching Skyhold, the Inquisitor will become a candidate to receive a specialization. Each class has three possibilities, and players can talk to their companions to gain more insight about each. Specializations require an item that the Inquisitor must craft; players can and should craft all three items before deciding on one because they can gain a fully comprehensive understanding of the specialization.

It's easy to miss the War Table operation that triggers the specializations, so players must be on the lookout; it will appear after leaving Skyhold for the first time. Specializations will make battles more exciting and versatile, allowing for more dynamic gameplay that perfectly suits the story's increasingly higher stakes.

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