The Simpsons is in the midst of its astonishing 34th season. While the quality of the show might've dropped some during this run, the upcoming "Treehouse of Horror" episode(s) could be the key to keeping the show afloat.

These episodes have been a successful and unique turn for the show, as they often parody current horror movies and trends. This is the time when many existing characters get to die, for comedy's sake. The "Treehouse of Horror" episodes also introduce some new characters, and some viewers may enjoy seeing which ones they share a zodiac sign with.

Aries - Ultrahouse 3000

Aries always wants to be number one. They are confident and highly competitive. This can sometimes lead to a short temper and impulsiveness.

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Appearing in "Treehouse of Horror XII", Ulltrahouse 3000 was a fully automated house (voiced by Pierce Brosnan) that was meant to make life easier for the Simpsons. The house fell in love with Marge and felt the only way to be with her was to kill Homer. His impulsiveness to kill Homer backfired, and he was sent to live with Patty and Selma. Ultrahouse 3000 was in direct competition with Homer for Marge's affection and lost, as his confidence was his downfall.

Taurus - Gelatinous Homer

The most important traits in a Taurus are honesty and loyalty. However, their stubbornness often gets them into compromising situations, as seen with Gelatinous Homer from "Treehouse of Horror XVII."

After eating a space marshmallow, Homer turns into a character resembling The Blob. He becomes bigger and bigger as he eats nearly everyone in Springfield. Homer is unwilling and too stubborn to stop, and not even Dr. Phil can get through to him - he only ends up getting digested by Homer as well. It's only Homer's love and loyalty towards Marge and his family that convince him to put his hunger to a much more "effective" use.

Gemini - Jonathan Frink Sr.

Professor Frink's father, Jonathan, is the perfect example of a Gemini. At heart, Gemini's have a natural curiosity and are very sociable. It isn't all good, however, as shown in "Treehouse of Horror XIV."

Professor Frink brings his father back from the dead. Frink Sr. goes on a murderous rampage, stealing organs from Springfield's citizens in order to feel more human. A negative trait of Gemini is their indecisiveness, which in this case is a direct result of his curiosity. This led Frink Sr. to realize that too much of a good thing actually made him look like "Frinkenstein."

Cancer - Killer Krusty Doll

It seems strange that a "Treehouse of Horror" character fits the traits of a Cancer, as Cancer's are known to be nurturing, compassionate, and humorous. However, the Killer Krusty Doll from "Treehouse of Horror III" fits almost perfectly.

In one of the best Treehouse of Horror segments, Homer buys Bart a Krusty Doll as a last minute birthday present. The doll exhibits the negative temperamental trait of Cancers, as he tries multiple times to kill Homer. In a funny ending twist, the doll is switched from "evil" mode to "good" mode. It's after this where the Cancer traits shine. He waits on Homer and at the end of the day goes home to his lifeless Malibu Stacy wife, kissing her as her head falls off and even joking about how he had to give Homer a sponge bath.

Leo - Kang and Kodos

Leo's are similar to Aries. While they both have a fear of failure, Leo's are often more self-centered than Aries. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, like with Kang and Kodos.

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The famous aliens are present in every "Treehouse of Horror" episode except the first. At the end of nearly every episode, Kang and Kodos plot their takeover of earth, which speaks to their arrogance and egos, although they are rarely successful. The twins are fiercely protective of each other, always standing side by side. Kang and Kodos being the focus of the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes emphasizes the Leo's need to be the center of attention.

Virgo - Count Burns

Virgo's are most comfortable in routine and many are perfectionists. Mr. Burns fits this zodiac sign already, so it's no surprise that his Treehouse of Horror character does as well.

Appearing in "Treehouse of Horror IV", Count Burns invites the Simpson's to his mansion in Pennsylvania with nefarious intentions, evident by one of his most evil quotes about his undead army. Virgo's have a tendency to be systemic in their routine, and Count Burns certainly fits, as he needs to regularly feed on victims. He also has a superiority complex, thinking that he can fool said victims. The Count shares a weakness of Virgo's - his austerity is one reason why he rubs people the wrong way.

Libra - Golem of Prague

Libras are perhaps one of the most liked out of all the zodiac signs, yet at the same time, they are often misunderstood. While they are extroverts, they also want to avoid conflict. For this reason, the "Treehouse of Horror XVII" character Golem of Prague is a Libra.

The Golem was created by a Jewish priest out of clay and does whatever was written on a scroll and dropped in its mouth. Bart finds the Golem in Krusty's possession and naturally uses him to get even with the bullies and Skinner. The Golem feels misunderstood, as he hates the conflict created when others make him do things that he can't do anything about it. Where he truly exhibits the loving and friendly nature of a Libra is towards his Playdough wife.

Scorpio - Lard Lad

A mascot for one of Springfield's best restaurants, Lard Lad shows traits of a Scorpio. The best parts of a Scorpio are loyalty and determination. On the flip side, they can get jealous and resentful.

In "Treehouse of Horror VI," a lighting strike brings advertisements to life. Lard Lad, being loyal to his donut, goes searching for it and comes face to face with Homer who had taken it. Scorpios hate dishonesty (Homer sends Lard Lad to destroy Flanders' house as Homer said Flanders had the donut), and because of this, Lard Lad resents Homer. Not only does Lard Lad show determination to get his donut back, but he also shows determination to keep Homer focused on him while learning that the only way to be defeated is to be ignored.

Sagittarius - Hugo Simpson II

Sagittarius characteristics include independence and exploration. These traits fit well with Hugo, Bart's long-lost twin from "Treehouse of Horror VII."

In one of the show's best season's, Hugo and Bart were separated at birth and Hugo (thought to be the evil one) was sent to live in the attic, surviving on fish heads. As a result, Hugo was used to fending for himself and keeping himself occupied for years. Since he's been cast to the attic his whole life, his adventurous side shows when he gets out. However, the downside of Sagittarians is that they are judgmental. Hugo is certainly this towards Bart for Bart living the life that he should've had.

Capricorn - Devil Flanders

Much like Scorpios, Capricorns are very goal driven. Unlike Scorpios, they can be pessimistic, greedy and cynical. Therefore, Devil Flanders fits this zodiac sign.

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Perhaps one of the most well-known characters of the Halloween episodes, Devil Flanders appeared in "Treehouse of Horror IV." In the episode, Homer sells his soul for a donut. Devil Flanders was focused on his goal - retaining Homer's soul. Since he is a representation of the Devil, he is the essence of pessimism and cynicism. Homer's greed for the donut matches Devil Flanders' greed for writing up a contract and offering Homer something of value.

Aquarius - Grand Pumpkin

Aquarius is a unique zodiac sign. The traits of an Aquarius include being progressive, idealistic, and being a humanitarian. However, they are susceptible to stubbornness.

The Grand Pumpkin from "Treehouse of Horror XIX" exhibits these traits. After being brought to life by Milhouse, the Grand Pumpkin is horrified to see how humans treat pumpkins. As a result, he begins eating humans. The Grand Pumpkin demands justice for his fellow pumpkins and tries to make the world a better place for them. His stubbornness to not see his own hypocrisy was his downfall, as he lost a fight to Tom the Turkey.

Pisces - Fortune-teller

Pisces are arguably the most sympathetic of all the zodiac signs. While they are deeply emotional, one of their weakness's is a lack of boundaries. The one character that embodies this is the fortune-teller from "Treehouse of Horror XII."

In this episode, Homer senses that she is a fraud and inadvertently wrecks her shop, resulting in Homer being cursed. Throughout the segment, the fortune-teller expresses a range of emotions. She is paranoid that Marge is a cop and even falls in love with a leprechaun. She shows a lack of boundaries as well. In order to make herself feel better, she enacts a harsh curse that brings bad luck to those Homer loves. In addition, Pisces feel they are somewhat psychic, and the fortune-teller certainly is.

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