After the merger of Warner Bros and Discovery, many of DC's projects stood canceled, leaving fans heartbroken. However, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, the co-writer of Static, assured fans about the development of the DC film adaptation of Static Shock (via Bounding into Comics). Cartoons have served as the base for blockbuster films throughout the years.

The success of cartoons leads the audience to look over the presumed biases about them. Not all characters in cartoon shows are absent-minded and idiotic. Smart duos in shows like Phineas and Ferb, Sally Bollywood, and Johnny Test prove that cartoons are still clever.

Finn And Jake (Adventure Time)

Even though one of them is a human and the other a dog-shape shifter, Finn and Jake are adoptive brothers. Both serve as the show's lead in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. The duo's adventures as they defeat evil creatures, explore dungeons, save Princess Bubblegum, and make new friends and enemies are extremely popular.

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Adventure Time's hero, Finn, is a good-hearted, courageous, selfless, and upright young man. He is the one who fixes everything and saves Jake and himself from difficulties. Jake is typically the one who helps Finn by imparting his knowledge. Jake can change the size, shape, and measurements of his body because of his elastic abilities. He often picks locks using this ability. Together, the two make a whole.

Arnold And Gerald (Hey Arnold!)

The primary character of the classic 90s Nicktoon is Arnold, accompanied by his best friend, Gerald. Arnold is a bright idealist who always finds the best in others. He is an upbeat, carefree fourth grader. Arnold naturally possesses the ability to counsel others. He frequently goes above and above to assist others, offering advice, assisting them in resolving problems, or realizing their mistakes.

Gerald strikes as a friendly and laid-back kid. He is a devoted friend who loved Arnold dearly. In the circle of fourth-grade pals, he frequently acts as the voice of reason and a sobering contrast to Arnold's upbeat outlook. The two balance each other's traits and make up for an intelligent duo in Hey Arnold!.

Tom And Jerry

The iconic cant and mouse duo of Tom and Jerry are television's most loved frenemies. Whether it's Tom trying to get rid of Jerry or Jerry deciding to cause mischief and trouble, the two never fail to entertain and amaze with their tricks and traps. More than often, it is Jerry who outsmarts Tom's strategies and manages to flee, proving he is usually the smarter of the two.


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Regardless, their everyday nuances are both adorable and entertaining, and the two are not geniuses in their own right, but they still support one another despite having a frenemy relationship. Sometimes, the two even team up to take care of a common enemy and the plan always tends to succeed.

Ben And Gwen (Ben 10)

Ben and Gwen, a well-known cousin team, are renowned for their heroic deeds in saving the universe. The primary character in this Cartoon Network television show and the keeper of the Omnitrix is Ben, who is compassionate and brave. Even though Gwen is the more intelligent, Ben demonstrates strong leadership, and is willing to give his life to save others. He occasionally aids his foes in need due to his idealistic beliefs.

Gwen is brilliant, feisty, and mature, yet she's also obstinate and smart-mouthed. She has an advantage in handling risky situations thanks to her quick thinking and sound instincts. She consistently offers Ben advice and assistance on his missions, which helps the two of them defeat their adversaries. Without Gwen's sharp intelligence and magical abilities, Ben's clever heroism is never complete.

Virgil And Richie (Static Shock)

Virgil and Richie are best friends. Virgil possesses electromagnetic powers and is a highly gifted student with particular skills in mathematics, science, and computers. Richie, his closest friend, is very creative and the inventor of several things, like the Static Sauces, Shock-Vox, Zap Caps, and Jet-Blades, among others. He helps Virgil with his duties as a superhero.

As the superhero Static, Virgil is intelligent, kind, and has a strong moral compass. He can utilize the entire range of his abilities thanks to his knowledge of electromagnetism, chemistry, physics, magnetism, and other topics. As a result, they make a great team of highly intelligent individuals.

Marinette And Adrien (Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

Marinette is the titular Ladybug, who is knowledgeable, perceptive, and quick-thinking, coming up with a strategy at the right time. She also has exceptional insights and consistently connects the pieces of the puzzle. Even as a regular person, Marinette consistently achieves high marks in academic exams.

Adrien, the eponymous Cat Noir, is a fluent speaker of Chinese and Japanese and has a working knowledge of Morse code. He is equally intelligent, capable, and observant; he can spot the akumas' hiding places and figure out how to save his Miraculous even when captured. Together, the two make a very powerful pair.

Sally And Doowee (Sally Bollywood: Super Detective)

Sally is the protagonist of the Sally Bollywood series. Inspired by her detective father, Sally becomes a private investigator at just 12 years of age and is assisted by her scientific genius friend, Doowee McAdam in her investigations. Sally is confident and assertive, with an energetic, creative, and knowledgeable detective. She consistently solves her cases successfully despite all obstacles.


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Meanwhile, Doowee has a vivid imagination and likes doing non-physical detective work, yet he is cunning and inductive. Even as a young adolescent, he builds highly sophisticated detective tools and gadgets, and is capable of fixing electronic equipment. With this smart combination, the pair can very aptly solve mysteries.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz And Perry (Phineas And Ferb)

Dr. Doofenshmirtz, is an evil genius scientist, though, he isn't a villain in the conventional sense. Doofenshmirtz constantly comes up with a cunning plan or cutting-edge invention that he frequently connects to a backstory. His plans are always destroyed by his intelligent nemesis and animal superhero, Perry the Platypus.

Perry is exceptionally bright while on duty and consistently foils Doofenshmirtz's wicked schemes, and compared to other agents, Perry is smarter. Twelve other agents could not eliminate even one of the five Norm Bots that he took out himself. Perry is adept at using the majority of machines and automobiles. The two appear to have a frenemy relationship since they help each other in danger and show care for one another.

Susan And Mary Test (Johnny Test)

The red-head twins, Mary and Susan Test, are Johnny's scientist older sisters who invent all the technology Johnny uses. As two of the smartest Cartoon Network characters, they are so adept at what they do that they programmed their dog Dukey with kung-fu abilities and gave him the ability to speak. The sisters are exceptionally brilliant and frequently develop fancy technology that warps reality.

Despite being merely teenagers, the two scientists have unsurpassed intelligence, which makes them all the more admirable. They can splice DNA to change or create new animals like a dragon, they can go back in time and stop, start, and reset time, and they can also change their ages, switch bodies, and reanimate the dead to become zombies.

Phineas And Ferb

Arguably the most famous cartoon sibling duo, Phineas and Ferb have vivid imaginations, which has been the impetus for their technical prowess. Together, the two have accomplished numerous accomplishments through their seemingly impossible inventions, including inventing a submarine, teleporter, time- and space-travel, Phinedroids, and Ferbots, among other things.

Phineas is intelligent, inventive, and unabashedly hopeful. He raises the spirits of those around him and is also hardworking, calm, logical, and doesn't get irritated or angry. Although equally intelligent, Ferb rarely speaks and prefers to communicate through his actions. He is determined, brave, quick to think, and able to maintain composure under pressure. He also knows how to play more than ten different instruments and speaks several languages.

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