The Netflix comedy Space Force produced so many great jokes in its first season, it was hard to say if season 2 would live up to the hype. Following its release in February, fans were happy to see that the show had not lost its charm.

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The second season included quotable moments in nearly every scene, making it hard to narrow down the best of the best. Still, a few quotes in particular have viewers buzzing and truly stand out as the funniest quotes in Space Force season 2.

Who Needs Water?

"What Has Water Literally Ever Done For Me?" - F. Tony

Season 2 kicks off with the gang facing an inquiry against General Naird (Steve Carrell). They all must testify on his behalf, and in the meantime are asked to hand over their phones. F. Tony (Ben Schwartz) struggles without the ability to scroll, attempting to pinch-zoom on a magazine.

When other characters try to make gentle suggestions, he lashes out, adding to the worst things F. Tony has done. The only thing that seems to snap him out of his phone withdrawal-induced rage is a slap from Dr. Mallory, which proves surprisingly effective. The show rarely allows tropes like this to actually produce their anticipated outcome, rendering the audience just as amused as Dr. Mallory when it does.

Science Vs. Military

"I Actually Have A Great Respect For Neanderthals." - Dr. Mallory

Dr. Mallory's (John Malkovich) testimony for General Naird starts off on the wrong foot when he calls General Graveston a "military neanderthal,"- a blunder, considering that the man in charge of Naird's fate is a military man himself. Mallory only makes things worse when he tries to backpedal with the above quote.

Despite Mallory's three doctoral degrees and intellectual pedigree, his lack of social awareness repeatedly leads him to put his foot in his mouth - sometimes to the point that viewers feel sorry for Dr. Mallory. He is usually able to steamroll over Naird and the other people at Space Force, but he finally finds himself met with an assertive match.

Crazy Eddie

"What's Going On With That Bird After The Show?" - Eddie

F. Tony attempts to prep the Space Force astronauts for a public appearance and buys a new bird to replace the old one that Eddie ate while trapped on the moon. They are being coached to pretend this bird is the original, but Eddie already has plans to eat the new one too.

The rag-tag team of astronauts at Space Force pushes their already questionable mental capacity to new limits at the end of season 1 when they are temporarily trapped on the moon and forced to split their resources with the Chinese. It's no surprise that characters like Eddie, who already proved their eccentricities, would jump quickly to bizarre extremes.

Erin's Snarky Promise

"I Promise I Won't Start An International Incident Like You Almost Did." - Erin To Naird

One of the best things about season 2 of Space Force is that General Naird's daughter Erin (Diana Silvers) is more heavily featured. In the scene where she and her dad meet with the Chinese general, she gets lots of good quips in.

As Erin grows up, her father starts to see her as more of an equal. Her relationship with the rest of the characters grows this season as well when she decides to start working as an intern at Space Force. In particular, she develops a kinship with Dr. Mallory that produces some tension with her father at first.

Captain Ali's Alcohol Advice

"You Need To Eat A Bag Of Rice, Your Stomach Becomes The Phone." - Angela

When General Naird must face off with a Chinese general in a drinking battle, his compatriots give him tips for absorbing alcohol. None are quite as funny as rocket scientist Angela Ali's (Tawny Newsome) suggestion that he try the phone-in-rice trick with his stomach.

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Angela is one of the more grounded and sincere characters in Space Force, but that doesn't mean she isn't also one of the most comedic. Her incredibly intelligent brain is often shockingly lacking in common sense, making for quotable moments like this one.

Chan's Realization

"I Always Thought It'd Be Amazing To Be A Sexual Plaything. Who Wouldn't Want That?" - Chan

After Angela and Chan (Jimmy O. Yang) sleep together, Angela refuses to talk to him about her feelings. He assumed he would be alright with a casual relationship, but finds himself conflicted, and confides as much in F. Tony.

While it might not be totally clear to Chan, it is clear to everyone else that he is head over heels for Angela. Therefore it's no mystery as to why he would be upset that she refuses to define the terms of their relationship, leaving him to question whether his affections are reciprocated.

Naird's Awkward Mistake

"The Colorado Seal Is... Quite Accurate..." - General Naird

In episode four, the scientists at Space Force engage in a prank war to keep themselves entertained. Soon Naird gets roped into the fun, but things take a more tragic (but still hilarious) turn when Naird mistakes real divorce papers for another prank.

Cracks in the general's marriage appear in season 1 when she requests that they open up their marriage to allow her to become romantically involved with her prison guard, Louise. Naird remains in denial that his wife is no longer faithful to him until he gets these papers. This line represents his final moment of willful ignorance.

Chan In Hiding

"Buddy, You Can Stay Here As Long As You Need To." - Security Guard To Chan

After an awkward encounter sours their relationship, Chan attempts to avoid Angela at work by ducking behind the desk in their office building's front lobby. She catches him and confronts him, and her anger gains him the sympathy of the security guard.

The show rarely gives such comedic moments to characters outside of the main Space Force cast. While this might not be the most quotable line of the bunch, it is incredibly funny in context to see a complete stranger side with Chan the same way that the audience might.

Brad's Experimental Side

"I'll Take Some Of That Nirvana Nectar" - Brad To Naird's Doctor

When General Naird refuses a dosage of morphine before undergoing surgery, Brad cannot help but ask to take it himself.

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Brad is a bumbling fool of a character known for his naivete, but every so often he reveals a penchant for getting high. This presents a hilarious contrast to the rest of his character, a simple and innocent I Love Lucy fan.

F. Tony Steals Mallory's Lines

"My Scientific Opinion As A Professor And An Eccentric Is That All Is Lost." - F. Tony

In the season 2 finale, the gang at Space Force are forced to put on a bit of a performance to regain control of their base. Naird's script combined with improvisations like this one created many a laugh.

F. Tony's theatrical side really rears its head in this episode. He talks over everyone else and even tries to take over Naird's job as writer and director. This is what makes him both unlikable and one of the funniest characters in Space Force.

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