Succession has been a hit show since it premiered on HBO in 2018. The dark comedy has been sweeping the Emmys ever since, even earning the most nominations of any show in 2022 at a total of 25. The story is fictional, though there are several real-life billionaire families that fans suspect the Roys are inspired by or even modeled after. Nonetheless, fans can’t help but get caught up in the characters and stories.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Succession has spawned many memes online that highlight pivotal characters, scenes, and moments from episodes and seasons. But only a handful of them truly encapsulates what the show is all about.

Arrested Succession

For fans of Arrested Development, this meme nicely sums up Succession by comparing each main character to the main character from that show. It begins with the uber-wealthy patriarch, filtering down to the middle brother with an ego who is often being sabotaged by his siblings and father, to the spoiled daddy’s girl, the eccentric and unique youngest child, and the quirky sister’s husband.

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It's right on the money in terms of describing the characters to a tee, providing a basic but accurate analysis that sums up the Roys and each’s place in the family.

Which Character Are You?

Another character-centric meme, this one provides a brief synopsis of each main character. From Gerri, the Waystar Royco counsel who always waits to give her true opinion to the imposter syndrome suffering Greg who doesn’t quite fit in and has faked his way through the company, to the zero-filtered man-child Kendall.

It’s a nice introduction to each character with a slightly humorous spin. The added fun with this meme is that fans can also read the descriptions to compare themselves to the one who’s most fitting. It’s the line-up of characters like these that made Succession one of the most nominated shows at the Emmys 2022.

Kendall Vs. Logan

At the heart of every episode is the power struggle between patriarch Logan and his middle son. Kendall is the most likely choice to be named the successor of the family’s media empire given his business background. But he has too many personal demons and lacks the discipline to lead, which is what holds his father back from handing things over.

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Thus, every episode sees Kendall getting so close to having the company within his reach only to have his father do or say something to completely crush his dreams. It’s a constant back and forth that is much more vicious than the smiling animated characters in the meme let on.

Greg In A Nutshell

Greg is a fan favorite character on the show, one of the best characters on Succession, according to Reddit. And this simple meme beautifully sums up his personality as well as a key scene. At the end of the third season, Greg’s cousin-in-law Tom made a critical decision to betray his wife and take the side of his father-in-law. It was all because he’s an opportunist, and since he had taken Greg under his wing from the beginning, he decided he needed an ally and offered Greg the chance to join him.

Understanding that he was always at the bottom of the family tree and having lost his inheritance from his grandfather, Greg decided to do what had to be done. Once he realized he could be closer to the top, which was Greg’s ultimate goal all along, he was all in. Sibling or not, every member of the family is all about gaining as much power as possible, even ones like Greg who initially appear as though they don’t want nor need the power.

Business Lessons 101

Succession is all about business and every episode gives fans insight into what it’s like to run a media empire. That means cutting deals with partners, clients, and potential investors, putting out fires, and even sweeping issues under the rug. Staying relevant is not easy.

Since plenty of business terminology is used on the show, fans come out of every episode believing they have learned something valuable about the business world. It’s a show that makes fans feel smarter, even if what they have learned is the worst of what the business world has to offer.

Logan Roy’s Social Media

A popular meme for any TV show is to display an image of a character that might reflect what their social media profiles might look like on different sites. For Logan Roy, however, he is always stern, calculating, and cruel. And his favorite phrase, said multiple times in every episode, is simply “f**k off.” He says it to anyone at any time, without a care. Because he knows he’s in charge.

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Thus, it doesn’t matter if it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder. Logan would always have the same expression. And each time, he would be uttering the same words. He has no interest in social media, or any form of new media, for that matter.

It Was Me

Indeed, the family fights in Succession could easily be likened to the family discord on Game of Thrones. While in the latter, everyone was fighting for the throne, on Succession, it’s a theoretical throne atop the media conglomerate known as Waystar Royco.

Tom would be the outsider trying to find a way to justify his seat at the table, if not the throne itself. While in this pivotal scene, which marks one of the worst acts of betrayal on Succession, Tom did not want Shiv to know it was him who betrayed her, fans can’t shake the feeling that he might deep down wish she did.

Benign Fungus

Greg might be a fan favorite character, but he’s also awkward and doesn’t quite fit in. He comes across as an opportunist, simply looking to mooch off his great uncle, believing that his familial connection automatically earns him a job at the company.

In actuality, however, Greg is more like a fungus who has worked his way through the family and even plotted against them alongside Tom. He has been treated poorly and, in a way, his moves are justified. Nonetheless, to the Roy siblings, Greg is just an annoyance that appears harmless but could grow into something far more harmful to them over time.

Don’t Care If I Look Stupid

One thing about Kendall is that, while he purports to have a brilliant business mind and was initially the only Roy child interested in taking over Waystar Royco, he also acts like a child at times. It’s part of what makes Kendall the most complex character on Succession. From composing a rap song to honor his father at a classy business event to throwing a ridiculously over-the-top birthday party for himself, Kendall did not often care if he looked stupid.

It all stems back to his privileged upbringing. No matter how dumb he looked, or his decisions were, he had a team of people who would stand behind him telling him he was doing great. If anyone went against Kendall or didn’t give him what he wanted, he would simply fire them, or have them fired.

Shiv Can Help

Some believe Shiv is actually the smartest Roy sibling and the one most deserving of the company. She worked in politics prior to coming back into the family business. While she sometimes made wrong decisions and proved that she was ruthless, constantly overlooked, and manipulated by her father.

Nonetheless, fans love the character, who is the type of person anyone would want to have in their corner when making a tough decision. She would be able to help weigh the options and figure out the right way to go. Shiv might be cold and calculating, but when it comes to politics, personal or otherwise, Shiv knows how to navigate them well.

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