The Winchesters is in production at present and despite confirmation of Dean's presence in it as the narrator, the appearance of other Supernatural leads like Sam and Cas is still in question. Since Castiel was introduced in season 4 of Supernatural, his chemistry with Dean has been a hot topic in the fandom and even outside it for more than a decade. Due to this, his relationship with the younger Winchester brother is often overlooked by fans and even showrunners.

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Despite sharing relatively lesser screen time, Sam and Cas have some incredibly funny and endearing moments. These moments are enough to prove that their friendship is certainly special and is underrated.

When Cas Called Sam An Abomination

In season 5 episode 17, "99 Problems," Castiel is drunk and tells Sam and Dean about how a true servant of Heaven must be the one to kill Leah, a girl who is riling up townspeople against each other, and none of them qualify for that. Then most nonchalantly, Cas calls Sam an abomination and Sam is a little taken aback at the blunt comment.

A Reddit user, ZellZoy, recalls the scene, "Sam, of course, is an abomination" and the puppy dog eyes Sam gives him for that remark" and names it one of the best moments of Sam and Cas in the show. Another user, Kingding_Aling agrees with them and says, "This is a great one."

When Sam Accidentally Shot Cas

In the season 15 premiere, the boys are fighting against a hoard of ghosts and when Sam shoots at a ghost, the ghost disappears, and the rock salt bullet hits Cas. A fan, semmaforeverok, talks about how funny this scene is when they point out, "But when Sam accidentally shot Cas and he was so done lmao."

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True enough, Castiel was going through a lot at the time, God became a villain, he lost his son, and Dean was giving him the cold shoulder. Therefore, he was visibly annoyed when Sam shot him and Sam's apologizing look was hilarious too.

When Cas Didn't Understand The Guinea Pig Reference

Since Castiel's introduction, he always had trouble understanding human slang and pop culture references. There are a lot of funny moments where he doesn't understand pop culture references made by Dean. Fortunately, there is also one with Sam, which is equally hilarious, if not more.

A Redditor, Marchwriter, describes the scene and why they love it, "When Sam volunteered to be a guinea pig for extracting angel grace (I think this was the Gadreel storyline), and Cas got all excited about there being a real guinea pig that had somehow been hidden from him all this time. Then Sam had to break the unfortunate truth of metaphor to Cas." Apparently, the scene always makes them crack up when Castiel replies to Sam's metaphor with, “You have a Guinea pig? Where?”.

Sam Being Sympathetic To Cas

At the end of season 7, Cas takes all the damages to Sam's mind into his own and he becomes mentally unstable. Sam and Dean want his help to defeat Dick Roman, but Cas is not sane enough. This gets Dean riled up and he even lashes out at Cas, but Sam was much more sympathetic to Cas' situation.

A Reddit user, corgi_angel, points out one instance, "I loved it when Cas was talking to Sam in 7.22 and Sam showed that he wasn't mad, he was just so understanding." The reason for this could be that Sam himself went through an insane period due to his experiences in hell. Nevertheless, Sam here showed that he is a much better friend to Cas.

Cas Protecting Sam From Anna

One of the earliest Sam Cas moments is from a Kripke-era episode when Cas threatens Anna in season 4 because she wanted to harm Sam. The Redditor, corgi_angel, includes this scene in their favorite Sam Cas moments and states, "when Cas was talking to Anna and said that Sam was his friend and he wasn't gonna let her kill him. I just think that such moments show the best how much  these two cared for each other."

This was the first time that Cas referred to Sam as his friend. It is also one of the first instances where Cas blatantly rebelled against heaven.

Sam And Cas In Milkshake Town

One of the rare episodes that saw Sam and Cas teaming up without Dean for a case in season 14 episode 15, "Peace of Mind." Sam becomes prey to the town's spell and gets brainwashed. This leads to an entertaining sequence when Cas witnesses a completely different Sam, who seems like a doting husband to a picture-perfect wife.

PSofSuddenlyGivingaS mentions this as one of their favorite Sam Cas moment and North-World5390 points out the funny "Rawr" moment. This episode proved how humorous the duo of Sam and Cas can be, even without Dean.

Sam Teaching Cas How To Hug

Most of the best Sam Cas moments happen when they team up to save Dean. Yes, it shows their mutual affection for Dean but these moments also shed light on the fact how well they complement each other when given the chance.

A Reddit user talks about one of these moments in season 9 episode 11 when they comment, "My favorite moment is Sam teaching Cas how to hug and Sam in general teaching Cas and Jack later about humanity." The hug scene is unquestionably a sweet and heartwarming scene. When Cas awkwardly wraps his hands around Sam and Sam pats his back and then his face in appreciation is enough to make any fan emotional.

Sam Praying To Cas

When Cas colluded with Crowley in season 7 and lied to Sam and Dean about it for the better part of a year, both brothers felt betrayed. However, it was Sam who repeatedly extended an olive branch to Cas by praying to him and offering to help him.

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The user, corgi_angel, talks about the scene and says, "But I guess that one of my personal favorites is Sam praying to Cas in 7.01 when he was the only one who believed that Cas was still one of them and then Cas coming and asking boys for help. It was such a strong one." Dean had lost all hope that Cas will come back to them, but Sam's prayer was so heartfelt that Cas came to them and accepted their help.

Busting Out Metatron Together

When Dean's Mark of Cain arc was going on, there were a lot of occasions where Sam and Cas teamed up to help Dean. One of them was when they freed Metatron from Heaven and got Castiel's grace back.  The entire dynamic between Sam and Cas here is incredibly phenomenal.

Sam and Cas make such a good team and a Redditor, friendlyyan, talks about it when they say, "I love them together, they're always getting into some type of shenanigans. One of my favorites is them busting Metatron out." The best scene is when they use Metatron's line back at him and complete each other's sentence, "It's called leverage, Metatron. Learn it, live it, love it." This proved Sam and Cas are genuinely friends and truly complement each other.

Agent? Agent

Fans got to see a different side to Castiel becoming human. He started helping Dean and Sam with hunts and trying to adapt to their life. A Redditor describes a Sam Cas moment from this period, "one of my faves is the Samusment when Cas joins them on the hunt in Holy Terror. Agent? Agent."

In this scene, fans can truly see how much they adore each other and their fun and silly dynamic is so endearing to see. Not to mention, Cas went through a lot this season, and seeing him look so happy because of Sam warmed the hearts of Supernatural fans.

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