In 2005, NBC released season 1 of The Office and introduced viewers to six episodes. Compared to the other eight seasons, season 1 was the shortest and slowly presented the personalities of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch.

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In the first season, viewers saw small glimmers of the characters' personalities and dreams. However, as the series continued and fans began rewatching the show, they began to notice that there were a few things that the characters talked about that came to fruition by season 9. While it might be hard to recall them all, fans were most impressed at how these ones were so subtly foreshadowed.

Dwight's Dream Of Becoming Manager Happened

Throughout season 1, Dwight makes it clear that he's the Assistant Regional Manager (although Michael claimed he was the assistant to the Regional Manager). He goes out of this way to prove that he's the top salesman at the office and has what it takes to rule.

As viewers later find out, Dwight's not likable enough to become Regional Manager of the Scranton branch. He's a smart man but not level-headed or likable. However, by season 9, Dwight proved his dedication and growth to the office and he eventually became the Regional Manager.

Dwight Has Always Wanted To Fire Jim

There were multiple reasons why Jim could have been fired over the years, but he always saved himself because of how smart and likable he was. Dwight was Jim's enemy for years and even he fell for Jim's charm.

Before Dwight became a Regional Manager, he asked Michael to fire Jim or if he could fire Jim since he was the assistant. Every insistence of Jim's firing was met with a resounding no. Dwight even asked Jan if he could fire Jim in 'Health Care.' By season 9, Dwight became manager when Andy left Dunder Mifflin, and although he and Jim were in a much better place at this point, Dwight fired Jim fiercely as he and Pam were about to quit. The spin on this was that Dwight fired them so they could get severance from the company. Regardless of their friendship, Dwight got his wish and fired Jim.

Jim's Crush On Pam Grew Into A Family

Some of Pam and Jim's best episodes on The Office were the early episodes where they crushed on each other without saying it. Jim never admitted his crush outwardly until season 2.

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In season 1, Jim and Pam showed their feelings for each other through actions. They were constantly flirting with each other at reception, playing pranks on the office, and having genuine conversations. Jim even told cameras he knew what Pam's favorite yogurt was, which proved how closely he paid attention to her. In season 1, Jim also noted that Pam's biggest stressors were her fiance Roy and their wedding. Jim's assessment of Pam came true by season 3 when Pam called off her wedding because of Jim. Their unspoken love came to fruition throughout the series.

Pam Talked About Her Love Of Art In The Pilot

In the pilot, Pam told the cameras that she liked to do illustrations and that Jim thought her doodles were good. Pam's love for art continued through the series but she didn't do anything about it until season 3 when she signed up for art classes. By season 4, she was in art school and, in season 9, her efforts paid off in two murals.

Pam may have quit art school when she didn't pass a class but her love for art prevailed and she proved she had talent by season 9.

Michael Really Was The Best Boss In The World

In the pilot, Michael shows off his World's Best Boss coffee mug. It's assumed that he was gifted the mug from his employees, but he later tells the cameras that he bought the mug from Spencer's Gifts for himself.

It was Michael's dream to be the best boss in the world and for his employees to see him as family, and that happened in season 7. On Michael's last day, the bromance between Jim and Michael was adored when Jim told Michael that he was the best boss he ever had. After hearing that, Michael no longer needed the mug and trashed it. His goal was accomplished.

Roy Charged Jim Once Before Their Epic Showdown

Every Office fan can remember the epic showdown between Roy and Jim in season 3's 'The Negotiation.' However, there's a tense moment between Roy and Jim that happens in season 1 that's often forgotten about.

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In 'The Alliance,' Jim and Pam were huddled and laughing about a prank they pulled on Dwight. As they were talking closely and laughing, Roy walked in and charged Jim for trying to "cop a feel" on Pam. Pam had to break them up as Jim defended himself. This could then foreshadow what came in the later seasons between the two men.

Pam Was Jealous Of Any New Girl In The Office That Went After Jim

In season 1, Pam was with Roy and Jim was single presumably because he was in love with Pam. But by the season finale, Jim had his eyes on a new woman known as "Purse Girl" or Katie.

As Jim flirted with Katie at the end of the episode, a clear look of disapproval was on Pam's face. Kevin asked Pam if she was jealous of the new girl in the office. Pam brushed him off but was later seen applying lip gloss, trying to be seen as more attractive. Pam pulled the same actions when Jim started dating Karen in season 3. Fans were too hard on Karen because they wanted Jim and Pam together, but Pam didn't tell Jim her feelings for a while longer. She showed her jealousy in small acts around the office.

Josh's Branch Was The One To Go Under

In the pilot, Jan meets with Michael and Pam to talk about the possibility of downsizing. Michael was putting on a front of not being bothered by downsizing, but Jan assured him it was a real possibility.

In the same conversation, Jan mentioned that Josh's branch in Stamford could also be downsized. Fast forward to season 3 and that's exactly what happened. Scranton stayed as it was while Josh left the company and Stamford was downsized.

An Alliance Between Jim & Dwight

There were a handful of times where Jim and Dwight joined forces despite their differences. In season 1, they teamed up in 'The Alliance' as a way to find out more information about downsizing

During their alliance meetings, the two shared secrets and worked together to gather intel on the rest of the office. This continued throughout season 9, except their fake alliance turned into a new one; a friendship. In the finale, Dwight surprised everyone by making Jim his "bestest mensch" at his wedding.

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